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We have packages and specials available for all car owners who would like to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape.

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To help keep your car looking its best, regular washes are key. If you have any questions about which package might be the best fit for you, please contact us! Your car receives the brunt of all outside forces in everyday life, so it's important to show it some love every now and again.

Your car's body picks up so much dust and grime while driving and if you are not properly cleaning your car, then all of that grime slowly starts to chip away at your vehicle's paint. When paint is removed, the sheet metal is exposed which produces a feeding ground for rust to move in.

Protect the longevity or your car's finish by getting regular car washes to remove dirt and other droppings we're looking at you birdie. Our dealership wants to make maintaining your vehicle as simple as possible.

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That's why we offer free car washes for life when you purchase a vehicle, and keep the Kinsel branding sticker on. One to charge your card and the other to guide you on the metal platform while entering the washing area.

This is very important and helpful. I used to go to unattended car washes where on two occasions my card was charged but it didn't recognize that the payment had gone through. So I ended up paying twice and there was no one to talk to. And sometimes it gets hard to align the tires on the washing ramp.

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Both problems were solved here. And at such a good price. Couldn't have asked for more. I plan to stick to this now. Love this place!

Quick N Clean | Car WashingFast & Easy

Joy G. Great service today! Good quick service.

All American Chevrolet of Killeen Versus Other Killeen Auto Repair Shops

Lea P. Excellent car wash for a quick clean and vacuum. Staff is friendly and helpful. Been here many times, never had any issues! Amber P. I love this place. Always quick, vacuums work great.

Quick N Clean Car Washing… Fast & Easy!

The people are always helpful and friendly. I go here almost every week. Brittani O. One of the best drive through car washes, and an excellent self-serve vacuum system Dan D 4 Stars. The car wash was great, my car looked fantastic!