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Kroger cited after worker cuts off fingertip at Green Township store

I have been to Kroger multiple times to find completely empty shelves. It is very frustrating. I know what you are doing is for a good cause, but you also need to think about others that would like to have the food for their family. One of the first rules of responsible couponing: When you clear shelves it makes the shopping experience for all those arriving at the store after you very disheartening. You should call and have the store order extra for you if your going to do that. In my town, we have two Krogers, one has stopped taking ecoupon and paper coupons and the other is still allowing both.

Guess where all the couponers are shopping now? The Kroger I shop at is very coupon friendly and cares about their customers. I hope this continues. I just want to say how thankful I am to live in an area with a Publix. I only go to Kroger to…. I think you should send this exact post to someone at Kroger Corporate. They need someone with reason and intelligence to tell them what they are doing will drive away their customers. I think you explained it very well. Especially with my Target adding a grocery section this week, right across the street from me.

I am glad to see it written in a policy of theirs that they accept PAH coupons. Mega Event time…. Coming up with a reasonable scenario of items I will actually use without using PAHs and only getting 1 paper per week? The single store coupon policy seems to what everyone is been doing, but if they want to change up their policy like my store they need something in writing.

They get reimbursed for the coupon PLUS 8 or 9 cents. Whatever, silly managers. I understand that they can limit how much of one item you buy — what annoys me is that if I buy 5 of one item that they only want to double ONE coupon. Georgia is the number one state for coupon redemption — you would think that Kroger would be more friendly.

I am completely saddened by this turn of events. I have 6 kids one of them special needs and we make it on one income. After a very rough couple of years due to the economy and a baby in the hospital for over 6 months we were finally making the ends meet because of my savvy coupon usage. Kroger was awesome. I have 3 computers to print from and sometimes a friend or family member would print for me too. There is no deal anymore. I tried to educate the cashiers about proper coupon usage and fraud. I always told them that I would never intentionally misuse coupons.

I want to be able to continue to shop at my favorite store and get great deals. Unfortunately Kroger would rather punish couponers than educate their cashiers. I hope they see the light. I was glad to see this as I was prepared to send you an email, too. Their reasoning for not allowing stacking of ecoupons with paper ones is that they are both manufacturer coupons.

I guess that sort of makes sense, but why is the manufacturer offering both? Kroger is 5 minutes from me, a Publix recently opened 20 minutes away. I used to always shop Kroger but have started doing about half at Publix. I love the ladies at my Kroger, but I will be doing even more of my shopping at Publix due to this policy.

I am in Missouri and the closest town 18 mles away only has Aldi, Wal-mart and Kroger. I never used to shop Kroger because the prices were always higher. Until I really learned how to use coupons to get more for my money. I have to say that I really do like my local Kroger store. They currently still allow ecoupons and paper coupons to be stacked, although I am looking for that to change.

Most of the cashiers are very friendly and helpful. There is one that I always avoid. I made the mistake of using her one evening. I had lots of great deals and several internet coupons. She accused me of copying the coupons on a copier. I assured her that I would never do such a thing.

I had her take off those items that would not scan. To add to my embarrassment I had forgotten my checkbook and had to put back even more items. Two days later I was back getting the same items with my internet coupons with a different cashier and no problems. I even complained about the night before and she said that I was not the first with problems with her. I questioned why. They went back to the head manager and she said to ring it through as it was and then give me back the change that it shoud have doubled to.

While that is not as good as stacking it would help avoid the problems of trying to decide if you should load coupons to your card or not.

Give Me Your Thoughts On Kroger's Coupon Policy

Just a thought. Well I had my first negative experience at Kroger Dillons tonight. I was excited about the mega sale especially the 49 cent powerade. I had buy 10 get 5 free that I got from a display at a major retailer. I asked why, he had no reason. He also refused to allow me to use breathe right 1. I agree that if bargain shoppers are not allowed to maximize their dollar value, then there is no reason to shop at a store that is over priced without the combined use of coupons and sales. I am sad about this experience!

Yes I have serious issues with Kroger…and they are not customer friendly either… I went to one of the local Krogers to use 4 internet coupons and the cashier was very adamant about Internet printed coupons. Honestly… This has been the same coupon policy since I started couponing. So Not a huge change for me. Yes, I have been jealous when I read some of the deals are out there since I could never stack my ecoupons. I never seen the reasoning with having them since most of the tiem I have a same value paper coupon that will double.

Just a pain whne your buying a lot. I noticed that someone mentioned that Kroger in Hartselle, about 10 miles away, has begun a much more strict policy. It sounds like what Publix in Decatur did recently. Now, I rarely go to Publix. If Kroger does the same, my choices are going to be limited! Is there an I Heart Food World website??? I have yet to get any response.

I also rarely go to Decatur Publix because of their attitudes about coupons and unfriendly customer service. They also almost never have sale items in stock no matter what day of the week you go and always have a million excuses. I go to the Publix on County Line Rd. They are making it harder on all of us that just want to provide for our family and use coupons responsibly.

I called my local Kroger store Dayton, Ohio this morning and spoke with the Customer Service manager. I told her about the fact that there are a lot of couponers up-in-arms about Kroger changing up their coupon policy and that a lot of these same people are leaving Kroger because of the changes to shop at other stores. She said that it is up to each individual store as to whether or not to enforce the new policy. This particular store is not changing anything right now — thank goodness for me!

My recommendation is to not only call corporate to let them know how upset everyone is about these changes but to also call your local store and tell your manager how upset you are as well. I do agree with many others that have posted that the extreme couponing show and those who are extreme couponers have made things woorse for people who use coupons to save money honestlyy because now Cashiers see a person with coupons and think that all of us are going to rob them or something. I also think that all the stores should train their cashiers better about coupons because most cashiers know very little about coupons.

Michelle, thanks for getting a discussion started on this. Maybe somebody from Kroger will read it and will realize how unhappy we are with their coupon policy. Similarly, if I had a coupon for. I fully understand the difficulty with Internet printable coupons.

2. Get a free item every Friday.

No retailer wants to accept a coupon and then not be reimbursed for it. But if I have an original manufacturer coupon that meets all the requirements of the purchase, I think I should be allowed to use it.


If Kroger continues its customer-unfriendly policies, I guarantee you I will stop shopping there. I used to think Kroger was so much better on prices than anybody else but with the sales and coupon friendly attitude at Publix, I save much more money at Publix. And Publix acts like they are actually glad to see me instead of the attitude I usually get at Kroger. I used the Kroger near Savannah Mall in most cases. Oh one more thing- I completely agree about Publix!

Love to shop there with my coupons- only really go to Kroger to get a few things that are really good deals! I spoke with the store manager at the Kroger I shop at and was told Kroger corporate is no longer allowing stacking ecoupons and manufacturer paper coupons. This started today in my region. It came down from corporate. I agree with practically everything that everyone wrote.

Fort Wayne Coupon Policies

It is ridiculous that you are being forced to use an e-coupon instead of a paper coupon. Has anyone at Kroger tried printing out the coupon list? My first gripe with that is that the lists do not fit on one page of paper. My second gripe is that there are so many e-coupon sites for Kroger that I cannot keep track of what e-coupon I have downloaded from where. Not being able to remove your e-coupon at the register is pointless.

It makes me NOT want to buy the brands which I think may have an e-coupon when I have a paper coupon. I echo everyone when they say that e-coupons are like store coupons. Since my Kroger has never taken competitor coupons it was nice being able to use store and e-coupons together. Their coupon policy is outdated and will do nothing other than push coupon shoppers straight to the doors of their competitors.

In the community Kroger needs to build a name for themselves. Publix sponsors running races and has canned food collection, Target gives money to schools, and Kroger? Well, all I know that they do is take donations for coats and solicit me for a dollar for some charity every-single-time-I-shop. Kroger needs to step up to the plate and entice people to come through their doors. They need a coupon policy that does not want people running out the door.

I used multiple prinatables and also used ecoupon with printed. Not sure what the ecoupon was for, but they would not even allow me to use any of the printables with one ecoupon. I was purchasing five products with only one ecoupon. No thanks. I just got home from Kroger. I had in my basket 4 chex mix, and I intended to use the 4 dollar off 4 coupon. I had always previously been able to use both at this store.

He said no, not anymore because the store is loosing so much money that they are having to cut jobs. I asked him how much was the ecoupon for and he said 0. He said no. I asked if a manager could help and he said no. He said ok and took them off. So he rang them back up and told me from now on I would have to check my ecoupons and compare them to my paper coupons and delete them if my paper coupons were better.

I was just stating what would be less of a hassle for me. Too true. I do have major trouble with Publix in my area. The young cashiers rarely ask anything, but the customer service managers and older cashiers are like coupon hawks. When I ask them questions or to explain policies, they usually use an excuse the involves coupons costing them money or trying to take only the sale itmes for free, etc.

Publix used to be my favorite, but now I by-pass Publix and head to Kroger anytime I can. I also shop at Perry Kroger…it is definately my preference over Perry Publix. But you definately are better off going through the younger cashier line! Another quick fix if you run into issues with the ecoupons not being allowed to stack is to have the cashier void your transaction. Go to Customer service and get another Kroger card.

Have them re-ring your basket and then you can use your paper coupons without issue. As far as coupon limits being invoked randomly I have issue with this and consider it discrimination by payment method. Kroger is in violation of their contract with the manufacturer. The Pampers Moms Facebook campaign did get quite a bit of media coverage and finally the attention of Pampers.

Then they need to stop their Mega sales that make you buy 10 of a product s if their not going to let you use a coupon for each item. Without coupons their sales are not worth the trouble. I agree Teresa. I will never shop at Kroger again after what they just put me through earlier tonight! It was insane! And the manager smuggly told me that he had the authority to refuse coupons any time he wanted! Apparently they think couponers are theives! I just got back from kroger in dacula ga.

I had tons of ecoupons loaded on my card… and of course they load first when everything is rung up. I think it will be easier in the future to shop and coupon at publix… this policy will just be a pain. This happened to me last week,they seem to have added the no e-coupon stacking! Every paaper coupon beeped,so I was not allowed to use any since the e-coupon had gone through! All my paper coupons were greater than the e-c,so I paid my amount,and returned some of them!

My krogers have always doubled anything under a dollar up to a dollar. So a 75 cent coupon still doubles to a dollar. Generally, I think that companies are struggling to keep up with the influx of couponers. They are learning that we are profitable to them. Target has fixed some of their problems. Walmart is working on fixing theirs. But this is a fluid hobby. We go where the deals are and where we can do our thing.

Walmart is trying to fix things. And I think the trend is going to be to take our coupons and give us our overage. Stores will accommodate us. In time. What is the difference in these examples and getting a catalina for your purchase? Our checker told us that it will be in place next week. It looks like the e-coupons and paper coupon stackability is done.

Publix 40 miles up the road. I loathe going to Kroger having to be held hostage until I find the allotted 10 items in order to get the discount. I had been using it for all of our prescriptions…. For example, I have a paper q for. The ecoupons are manufacturer coupons which is why you cannot use two on one item. Kroger gets reimbursed from the companies when you use an ecoupon. Ecoupons do not double though so I can see why Kroger would rather you use those instead of the paper ones that do double. Thank you for contacting Kroger regarding our coupon policy. I understand your frustrations and I do apologize for your concerns.

This has always been our coupon policy but up until recently has not been enforced in the stores. You do have the option to remove coupons from your card if you need to so you can get the better deal. Again I do apologize for your experience. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. If that is the case they are actually promoting the usage of more paper…. Additionally, What money is Kroger losing with the Manufacturer coupons….

Not to mention when they rip off the consumer by not allowing reimbursement to the consumer the full value for the item if the coupon is more than the actual price of the item. They turn them in and get the full amount. Sounds a lot like the movie Office Space…moving a few pennies at a time to add up to thousands.

I was at Kroger to pick up Juice last night, Ocean Spray. What kinda drama? I was researching store policies and it appears that Kroger is out. I slowly been shopping at publix more and more. Their prices are usually higher but the staff is so nice. I feel better better about spending an extra 10 bucks for the scenery… go figure. Thanks to all for documenting your experiences. It would appear that Kroger Delta has posted an official policy regarding grocery coupons. They have an in-store picture and printed out the text.

Interesting that they are limiting 8 Manufacturers coupons per item. I have had two other readers mention internet printable limitations. Now with your comment that's 3 of you. However, you all have different policies within that limitation. I will try to keep this in mind when listing scenarios. I wish Kroger would just come out with a corporate-wide policy. It would be so much easier! They are saying it is not a manufactors coupon.

I found your article and going to print it out and see if it will change the mind of the mgt. I went to my Ohio Kroger yesterday. I had some newspaper and printable coupons. The checkout lady stated I could only use 2 printable coupons from the same company. She said I could only use 2?? Were you aware of this??? These were all manufacturer coupons.

I asked for the coupon policy and the lady at the customer service said they are not allowed to give me a copy? I encountered an issue today with a clearance item that I had a coupon for. I didn't realize the coupon didn't come off, so I went back in to the service desk to fix it. However, I was told that a clearance orange sticker item can't be used with a manufacture coupon or any coupon for that matter. I've never heard anything like this and have used coupons on clearance items for years. Is this a new policy or I'm confused. The coupon policy really doesn't state either way.

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I hope you can answer my question! Happymamma, it depends on what kind of clearance sticker it had on it. If it was a generic bar code, then the coupon would have nothing to attach to sometimes they do this. If it was a barcode associated with that product, then you would have had no problems. It was the only one left in the clearance section and labeled manager's special.

I use coupons for these all the time Maybe it was just one of those cases I feel better: This is an article from 10tv news printed today March 28th Friday March 28, Kroger says it will reduce prices on thousands of products, including produce, natural foods, organics and grocery. The company also says it will stop doubling coupons beginning in May. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Was wondering if anybody had this problem with their Kroger Whitehall,IL.

Their new policy is not to accept any internet coupon period. I caught the mistake and mentioned it to the cashier and he corrected it. If I wouldn't have caught the mistake I would have paid full price. I mentioned the Kroger scan right guarantee policy to him and he didn't know anything about it as well as the "service desk" personnel, as well as the assistant manager who I talked to after calling the Wylie, TX store at West FM This appears to be a "training" issue for all the store personnel as I've encountered this issue many times before.

We shop at Kroger Wiley, TX almost on a daily basis since it's grand opening. Read the full disclosure. May 9 8: Digital Coupons Policy Customers choosing to participate in the digital coupons are required to have an active online account with a valid, associated shopper card. Filed Under: Leave a Comment. Load an image. Josh May 24, Katarina May 24,