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You select the coupon and it's added to your store card, automatically deducted. Try those! HoltMom says: I am not an advocate of buying coupons, actually. Coupons do say at the bottom that they are not to be sold. However, you can get all the coupons you need if you are a charity shopper and collect coupons in a box at church or work. The Cut Out Hunger concept is simply that if you have multiple coupons and an item is free with a coupon, you have extras you can donate. When you are a charity shopper, people love to give you their circulars because most people don't use them.

Collection boxes easily get dozens of circulars, at absolutely no cost!


Bumper it's your turn to ask a question for Coupon Mom! Bumper says: Right now electronic coupons are only available at Kroger and Kroger-owned stores, and Giant Eagle's site has a few. With Upromise eCoupons you can select more than one store and the first store where you buy the item gets the coupon redemption. The neat thing about electronic coupons is that you can combine them with paper coupons.

So look for match ups on sale items and save even more, I got a freebie this week with that fun tricks. The cashier accepts the paper coupon and the electronic coupon is automatic. I expect at some point they'll change their software but at this point the electronic coupon companies I work with have approved my sharing of that strategy. Good question and answer. Alright "DREnlightened" it's your turn to ask a question! DREnlightened says to Smitty: I live in a small town. The grocery stores in my area do not double coupons.

Would you recommend the minute drive to a store that doubles coupons? Only if the math were really amazing. What I'd suggest is that you become an expert at your nearby stores' savings policies. Even if stores do not double coupons, they most likely have other advantageous savings policies that you can use. For example, find out if they accept competitors' coupons. If so, that opens up a lot of possibilities. Also find out if they accept printable coupons, if they have their own store coupons.

Most stores will allow you to combine a store coupon with a manufacturers' coupon on the same item. I always recommend doing a price book! Smitty says to Internettie: Good stuff gang. Next on the list it looks like "Internettie" has a question for the Coupon Mom! Internettie says: We buy a lot of fresh foods fruits, veggies, meats, whole grains how do we save with coupons? Look for coupons for those items. I also bought Fresh Express spinach with a store coupon and a mailer coupon, paid 69 cents, not 2.

And there are other ways to save in the produce dept. Ask the produce manager if they do markdowns. Mine does, at 8: I didn't know about that. And always weigh what you buy when it is per unit. For example, I get romaine lettuce at 1. One day I found the largest bunch was 2 lb. I know which one my husband would come home with! Good advice. I'll do that. I guess I should clarify that I'm the grocery shopper in the family--I'd weigh them all and get 2 lbs! I have to admit, even I'm learning a thing or two tonight.

JoeRitaS says: We live in Florida , and I've only found Kmart to randomly offer double coupons. Are there other strategies that I could try? Publix is great at store coupons plus manufacturers' coupons. Watch for their green Publix Advantage Buy flyer, filled with good store coupons. Then keep an eye out for match ups with printable and newspaper coupons. And ask your Publix if they accept competitors' coupons. Mine does, they even have a button on the register for it. If they do, that is almost as good as double coupons. You are welcome! Great question JoeRitaS.

According to my list, "KAKnoch" it's your turn to ask a question! KAKnoch says: I have heard that military families can use expired coupons, even overseas. Is this true? I have an address of someone collecting these coupons and sending them overseas, but first I wanted to understand how this works.

Using the Grocery Coupon Database to Save Money, Locate Coupons

When you think of competitors coupons, consider the drugstore flyer coupons, the in-store coupon catalogs at Walgreens and Rite Aid too. If this is doing those families good things then I would really like to do this If you have a base address and know people who want them, it's a really wonderful thing to do. It only costs domestic postage. Another thing I never knew. Great question and answer. AggieMike88 says: Since I never did much couponing, I'm very much a newbie in this regard. So my question is 2 parts. First, can you share with us a brief overview of what your site offers us?

Second, what do I need to do to take advantage of eCoupons for a store. First, the easy one. For ecoupons, go to Cellfire. Also go to Kroger.

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Pregnancy Week by Week. Join Now. That way, they know when something is truly on sale at the best price. To help with the time-consuming part of strategic shopping—sales and coupons—here are online resources: It will list sale items and where to find matching coupons. The idea is to set aside Sunday newspaper coupon circulars each week and clip coupons only when you need them to match a sale.

You can sort the list to see the best deals by percentage saved. Check mark items you want and redisplay your shopping list. If your supermarket is not on the list, check weekly sales fliers for store sales. And timely information. The site is updated the day sale prices change. Some other sites have a lag time. It has the cleanest look and is among the easiest to use. Items in blue are at rock-bottom prices and are prime targets for adding to your stockpile.

Green items are free.