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Experiencing the feeling of just yourself, and possibly a few others, as you float high above the trees among the clouds?

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WonderWorks wants everyone to experience the thrill of soaring to unexpected heights nearly feet in the air. Manufactured by Aerophile, the balloon is made to hold up to 30 guests in the gondola at a time. As previously noted, the Wonders of Flight balloon the Aero30NG was manufactured in France by Aerophile, the world leader in tethered gas balloons. Wonders of Flight provide their guests with a unique and affordable experience.

For additional information call Picture yourself in a giant inflatable ball racing downhill to the finish. Several years ago late Pigeon Forge got one of its first extreme attractions. This was prior to the zip line craze. This extreme sport started overseas and is the first and only location in the US. Basically, when you come to Zorb , they are going to put you in an inflatable globe and roll you down the hill. They are going to make sure that you have everything you need, and make sure you know what to expect, but the basic concept is a human in a master ball — and it is a blast!

Zorbing or globe riding is the act of going downhill in an inflatable orb. This inflatable globe provides you with plenty of protection as you slide around the inside of the globe either with water or without. In fact, this ball is so big that you and a couple of your friends can actually ride down together — in perfect comfort — downhill. In fact, there are two different options for your downhill run at Zorb. The Zydro is you and up to two friends, water and the Zorb. The water is warm in winter and cool in the summer and is described as a water slide and roller coaster all rolled up into one experience.

This is the most exhilarating adventure at the Zorb Park in the Smokies. At Zorb Smoky Mountain you get the choice of the straight track or the zig-zag track for your Zydro fun. You can take people with you in the more tame straight track, but if you are in for the thrill ride of your vacation then you want to choose the zig-zag track and you ride alone. This course is full of twists and turns that will have your rolling all over the inside of the Zorb ball — all by yourself, on a wet and wild adventure.

In the Zydro ride, you slide around as the ball moves with the water taking care of the friction. In the Zorbit you are stationary, harnessed into the Zorb itself and you spin with the ball as it travels down the track. The Zorbit is for those that always wanted to be an astronaut. You get to experience the weightlessness and g-forces of the ride. And though this ride is only allowed on the straight track it is no less exciting and fun. With two different rides and plenty of ways to have fun, it is no wonder that Zorb is winning over the hearts of the many people that flock to the Smoky Mountains each year.

Whether you choose to Zorbit or Zydro down the hill, you are guaranteed to have an exciting and wonderful time each trip. If you are planning on riding the wet version of the Zorb, make sure that you bring proper clothes or plan to buy some Zorb-ware while you are there. Next time you are in Pigeon Forge, make sure that you spend some time Zorbing down the Smokies.

The final details are going into place for this exciting contest that will give you the chance to win an incredible entertainment package that will get you and your family into many shows in Pigeon Forge, TN for free! If there are only two of you…you can go twice! This is simply too good and too easy to pass up. Where do they go? For the past few years, quite a few have made the Blue Moose in Pigeon Forge the place to watch a game, grab a beer, and eat a basket full of wings.

Their Angus beef burgers, award winning jumbo chicken wings — which you can get in 16 different flavors, and beer on tap make it the ideal place to catch a game, or just bring the family in for a great meal. Blue Moose has you covered. Their 20 flat screen televisions mounted around their restaurant make it hard for you to miss any of the action.

Plus, they offer the NFL Sunday Ticket which means every Sunday they have every game playing and can switch between televisions to better accommodate you. Blue Moose wants to make sure you get to watch your team wherever you want in their restaurant. Wednesdays you can get a piece order of wings for the price of 8. In March of , Dollywood invited its guests to take a ride on the Mystery Mine , its haunted mine car roller coaster that, at the time, was setting records and was the first roller coaster of its kind in the US.

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This steel Euro Fighter style coaster features inversions, loops and at the time the steepest drop in the country. Mystery Mine is still packing the people in with the wonderful theme-ing and the fact that it is one of the fastest rides in the park. Located in Timber Canyon, it is on the hill as you walk toward Adventure Mountain and River Battle and it is just right up the hill from Thunderhead. Mystery Mine is a Euro Fighter style roller coaster.

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This design of coaster is the invention of the Gerstlauer corporation. They build roller coasters all over the world and the trademark of this type of roller coaster is the beyond vertical drop. In other words, one of the drops along the track will descend at greater then 90 degrees. At the time Gerstlauer installed this ride for Dollywood it actually had the steepest drop in the world, though that spot has now been taken over by the Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach.

You start your journey with a quick drop and several tight turns before the lift kicks in and pulls you straight up the main climb.

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After this drop you are sent outside the mine building over the walking crowds below and into an Immelman style u-turn and then back into the mine. Inside the mine shaft there is an explosion of dynamite as the car sets off through the last pieces of the track: After the loop, you arrive back at the station.

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The whole trip took you 2 and a half minutes, you reached speeds of 48 miles per hour and you were inverted in the safety of your car twice. This is a stunning roller coaster that is still calling to thrill seekers from around the world. Mystery Mine is one of those rides you have to experience to believe. The line does get long, the ride is not very long but you will see people get out of line after riding it and get right back in line to ride it again. This is still one of the biggest thrills at Dollywood. Combining aerial acrobatics, great theme-ing and of course, plenty of safety.

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  4. Mystery Mine promises to bring on the thrill for decades to come. Blazing Fury is one of the oldest rides at Dollywood. Built in , this ride has been in operation since Silver Dollar City took over the park but before it even became Dollywood. This steel enclosed roller coaster tells the story of a small mining town that is on fire and the people of the town are, comically in some cases, trying to put it out.

    This enclosed ride is one of the few rides in the park that can be ridden in almost any weather. It can be pouring buckets of rain outside, and you can still ride the Blazing Fury without fear of getting wet… almost.

    The premise behind the Blazing Fury is that you are on a ride, in a mine car, through a little mining town in the mountains. The mine and the town have caught faire and you are watching the people of the town try and put out the flames. At times, the crepe paper flames, the mannequin like denizens of the town and voice acting still speak to the time when the ride was opened, but that is part of the fun. Fire in the Hole. The ride itself is very simple. The cars that you ride in are powered. They pull themselves up the winding track with the help of tires on the track to move them along on the steeper sections.

    The cars take the drops with the assistance of gravity. Choose an Option: Save Money. Dining Attractions Weddings. Filter by Type: Groovy Tours. Virtual Villains.


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